Tuesday, 8 November 2016

'Special Needs'

Do you ever wonder about the term 'special needs'?  What does it actually mean? 
The term came up during an interview/conversation today.  You usually see it in relation to programs for disabled people, especially children and in school paperwork.  I have used the term, without thinking, for many years. 
Are needs really special, or are they just needs?  Everybody has needs, some more complex than others. 
Are complex needs special or are they different?
I personally think the term 'special needs' is a euphemism for the term disabled; a way to make able people feel more warm and fuzzy about the disabled.  I don't think most people realize what it is that they are saying, but I think more of us are starting to reconsider it. 
I am developmentally (according to the DSM-V) and physically disabled.  Does that mean I have 'special needs' or do I have disabilities which need support?  More recently, I've seen other posts speaking out against the use of the term 'special needs' and I think that is a good thing.
photo says disabled with coloured letters on a black background