Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Week and No Post

I still haven't written my next post but I have an idea and have to try and get it down on paper.  Yes, I do hand write it first, then type it in Word, and then cut it and paste it here!  I guess because I grew up handwriting assignments, I can't seem to get the words out on the computer the same way.
While you are waiting, here is Micah's latest post:  http://battleofagirlwithptsd.blogspot.ca/2014/02/winter-week.html
It has been an up and down week and very busy.  I can't manage to get things done because the schedule keeps getting thrown off.  It really increases my anxiety when that happens.  I'm supposed to start my allergy shots for trees this month but it is already half way through the month and I haven't managed to make the call to our doctor's office to see if they can do them.  I dread the phone calls and have to wait for the perfect day (whatever that is).
Hopefully, I can start my next post sometime this week.