Saturday, 23 February 2013

Autistic People Should....

Today is Autistic People Should.....Flashblog day. 
There is a lot of negative out there about us.  Yesterday Judy Endow posted on Facebook that she Googled Autistic People Should and Google's top four entries were:
1. autistic people should be killed
2. autistic people should die
3. autistic people should be exterminated
4. autistic people shouldn't have children

I just Googled it myself and it is still coming up that way.  Scary stuff.

Paula C. Durbin-Westby was typing Autistic People Should on Facebook and it auto-completed for her ...die.

Today, it is getting better.  Many autistics are blogging Autistic People Should... and changing it up.
Here is the postroll link for the Autistic People Should... blog
If everyone writes the good and true then the bad and untrue can be pushed out of the top entries.
So many great posts.

I think Autistic People Should...
be individuals, not robots the same as each other
be able to marry if they want
be able to have children if they want
have jobs if they want
do the things they like
stim when they want
be the best that they can be