Thursday, 30 June 2016


I had a parent of an autistic child surprised that I, as an autistic adult, am allowed to drive.  Her child was maybe 4.  That's a lot of growing up before they can learn to drive.  Not every autistic person will have the skills to be able to drive, but then neither does every non-autistic person.  Given plenty of time and training, most of us can drive.  It's is better to err on the side of us having the future ability than to say it will never happen.  Learning is a continuous thing!
I do find driving stressful and tiring.  Having to keep track of multiple things at once while being constantly vigilant of everything going on around me is hard.  For me, it definitely beats public transit.  There are trade offs to both forms of transportation.  I find myself more overloaded by transit than car.  

My red Tuscon with 5 bumper stickers designed by Sparrow Rose Jones on Redbubble