Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School

Back to school is a hard transition for most autistic children.  There is a big change in routine, there is less freedom, and the work can be hard.  There is also extreme sensory overload.

As an autistic parent, I also find back to school hard.  I finally get used to having my daughter around all the time and then she is suddenly not again.  I enjoy having her around even though we don’t always get along!

Her being back in school means I have to communicate with school staff, deal with potential school problems and school work again which causes me to have severe anxiety.  In addition, Micah’s anxiety is a lot higher so that increases my anxiety also. 

Back to school time is also almost change in seasons time which is another hard transition for me- different temperatures and activities.

The good thing is that this year Micah was actually looking forward to seeing her friends at school even though she was anxious to go.  She told me she may have to start back slowly but we will see how she feels when she gets home.

I am hopeful that this will be a really good year for her.  It is her last year before high school!